Monday, 29 September 2014

Press days, busy days Part I - MICRO Nail

Last Wednesday morning, between putting the finishing touches to my dissertation and going to work, I headed along to the MICRO Nail press day. Slightly frazzled and brain-fried and without a scrap of makeup, I was given a lovely welcome by the team and then introduced to Marie Staunton, spokeswoman for the product, No biggie, just a supermodel...telling me stories about hanging with the other nineties Supers...

From the same people as the MICRO Pedi, of which I'm a fan, the MICRO Nail offers the look of a manicure without the effort. Compact and sleek, off-setting the powder pink colour to avoid being overly twee, it files and buffs the nails perfectly with one attachment and shines them with another so your nails look like they have polish, when they don't. This is not only great for those who can't wear polish like gardening enthusiasts and horticulturists like Marie, nurses etc but also for those as lazy as me, as the effects last two weeks. Furthermore, it acts as a primer for polish if you want to apply it on top.

Having finally gotten a chance to try it out over the weekend, I can say that it does, indeed work. At €49.99, it might seem expensive but if you're into getting your mitts seen to on the reg, it's actually pretty cost effective as the full kit should last you up to three months...that's a lot of manicures-worth for under fifty quid. If you wanna check it out for yourself, it can be purchased from and Boots.

**Bonus: Unlike with the MICRO Pedi, batteries are included. It's like all those Christmas mornings where someone forgot to buy batteries for your new toy never happened.**

(I feel short. Plus, why am I smiling like such a creep?)

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  1. MICRO Nail has now launched in Boots and online! Woohoo! Get your nails on one now, they'll love you for it! I'm just going to buy one this Sunday.