Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Lennon Courtney AW14

Lennon Courtney described their last collection as "a truly accessible collection for busy women who understand and love fashion but don’t want to be slaves to it." This could easily be applied to their latest collection, as well. It's easy chic. It's timeless but not old-fashioned. These are tailored pieces that are distinctly modern but will age well. 

And while it might seem overwhelmingly sophisticated and polished at first glance, even a Queen of Everything Oversized like myself can find pieces to work. My Lennon Courtney duster jacket is probably my favourite piece in my whole wardrobe now. 

The AW14 collection features the colours I love best for this time of year - burgundy, camel, grey, navy and black - as well as some surprising pops of brighter shades. I especially love the combination of black and navy: Tim Gunn once said it was okay, I've been saying it and doing it for years and now Lennon Courtney clearly agree! It's a super-elegant pairing. (Spread the word that this is not a faux-pas but a fo-sho.)

The brand is always about its attention to detail as when you're doing something relatively simple and restrained, you need to be able to make it special. And, boy, do they! I'm all about the fabric choices, the lovely necklines and the beautiful seaming.

Particular faves from the collection are the uber-soft grey jumper, the sporty-tailored grey crop top, the navy coat and the wool tee. 

Check out their site as well as my shots from their store and images of my picks below!

Feeling that navy/black combo yet?

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