Monday, 29 September 2014

Press days, Busy days Part II/Little Gem - Kling AW14

Kling is a little shop located in the Italian Quarter in Dublin's city centre. In Spain, there are loads of them and it's a well-established brand but here it's a shop lots of people have walked by but never been inside. You might know it as the shop with the fence out front. You may have made a mental note to pop in next time you're going by.

I'm here to say, you definitely should. Not only are they lovely (srsly) but the clothes are adorable. They're also somewhat limited which is a bit of a relief. Much as we all love Primark, it's nice to know every Tom, Dick and Harry won't be wearing the same thing as you!

The AW14 collection (technically just an 'A' collection as they have four a year) features some of their signature styles of garments including sweet jumpers and collared dresses as well as super-cute accessories like pop-art bags that dreams are made of. Have a gawk at the images below and check out my picks of my favourites of the things in store!

What do you guys think? Trop cute, right? 

If you're interested, check Kling out here and pop in store if you get a chance! Thanks to the guys for having me and hey to all the other bloggers I met that night!

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