Thursday, 18 September 2014

Danielle Romeril SS15...can I be part of your girl gang?

If you down to the woods today, you'd better go in...utilitarian glamo.

Or so Danielle Romeril would have us believe. And, hey, that's something I can believe in.

Based around a concept of a bunch of girls living self-sufficiently together in the wild, it's one part all-female cast of Peter Pan, one part all your favourite teen movie girl gangs. But cooler. Think "unwashed" hair that's enviably tousled to perfection. Think pockets everywhere (about time in womenswear). Think earthy tones and sky blue - natural, summer colours. Think juxtaposing soft and hard, pretty and practical, floaty and durable. Think slouchy fits and skimming silhouettes for long summer days under the sun. Think great proportions.

Think about the clothes. Be haunted by them. Be enamoured. Be obsessed.

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Who's gonna join me? Not one for roughing it but I could brave the great outdoors for great clothes.

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