Thursday, 8 May 2014

First Streetstyle in Quite A While...

I encountered the lovely Alice as I was walking back from the shops, laden with far too many bags and with the nagging feeling my grown-up shoes had done a number on my heels (they had). She was waiting for the bus and looked so perfectly put together that I had to turn around and ask her if I could take her photo.

TBH, it was her feet that I noticed first. Not a huge wearer of animal prints myself and the shot doesn't do them justice but those chelsea boots are killer. A little gold hardware, a perfect amount of heel.

The real coup here, however, is that there's so much going on (when you look properly) and yet its not overdone. Multiple textures, colours and prints are seamlessly put together and tamed by a lively but somewhat subdued colour palette.

I also love that each piece is great in it's own right. Those jeans, that scarf.

All this might lead you to wonder (if you're a longtime reader) why it's been so long since I last did any streetstyle shots. Is Dublin no longer stylish? Mais, of course it is! Then what's up? Well, (here's the bit with excuses) all last year I was working on my dissertation and being a final year and spent a lot of time on campus. I just felt weird about going up to people I knew vaguely/probably had friends in common with. Then this year I've been doing my Masters and, again, felt weird about asking people around campus. Mostly because (and I realise I'm only 22 here) I feel like I'd be some old creep, stalking the undergrads.

I get that all this is more about me overthinking shit and stuff. 

But today (and recently) I've been better about not being so in my own head and awkward and have been putting myself out there more. And you know what? EVERY SINGLE TIME it pays off.

Moral of the day kids: challenge yourself.

Peace out.

Maybe expect more?

PS DISCLAIMER: This post is not sponsored by Fine Gael, nor an ad for them. Vote whatever way you want.

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