Thursday, 22 May 2014

Wide-Eyed and Blind Playlist XVI

I'm not nearly established/followed enough to do this but, screw it, I feel weird addressing vaguely the same group of people namelessly all the time. So, I'm naming you, dearest readers. I hope you don't mind. How do you all feel about the Lilettes (sounds like a razor/sixties girlband)? I feel this name is kinda cute but how do you feel? Speak out! Let me hear your voices! I long to.

Damn, I'm in a weird mood.

But that's kinda the place this particular playlist is coming from.

Most of my recent playlists have been dancey and happy and upbeat. But I'm a maudlin feck a lot of the time and this week, I've been majorly stressed about life and the future while trying to research a dissertation. Research lends itself to being alone a lot and, while I love being by myself, it's not always necessarily the best thing for me. I tend to go into an overthinking overdrive where I convince myself I'll amount to nothing, never get an adult job and die unloved. Killing your buzz yet?

So, this playlist is the last of me indulging my sadness. One last wallow...and what better way to wallow than to great music? My favourite way to do it is to turn my lights off, light some candles, lie on the floor and, hopefully, by the time I get up I'll have gotten over myself.

Here's hoping.

And if anyone is feeling this way too, have some positivity from one of the wisest, best, most wonderful people I know, Sarah: "Everyone is special." Now get your grump on and know tomorrow's a new day.

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