Saturday, 10 May 2014

Best of Eurovision Style 2014.

I was surprised by the proportion of not-terrible going on style and music-wise this year! Here are my top five style picks from the festivities.

Woo, Eurovision!

5. Italy

TBH, for me, it was all about the backing band (so well-coordinated!) and her headpiece. The dress is kinda meh and 2008.

4. Spain.

I was really just into the whole wet hair thing.

3. Netherlands.

Trés Dusty Springfield. Yerman was less great but she was killing it with the beehive and dress.

2. Austria.

So, I'm a little over the dress (that particular style of Baroquesque gown was everywhere) but the hair and makeup was hands-down the best.

Plus: 'grats! (I've stopped weeping now.)

(Andres Putting EBU)

1. Finland.

Controversial, perhaps, but you're the style-winners for me! Loved your metallics! You guys is adorable. Srsly.


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