Thursday, 29 May 2014

9 Crow Street Festival Line.

Yes, it's a double-post day: The other thing I went to yesterday!  

9 Crow Street had a wee party to launch their new festival line and I really don't get over there enough so, it was a great reason to go! (Crossing the Liffey is so difficult...I kid, obviously.) But I seriously don't get a chance to pop in often and it's so damn pretty and well laid out and the stock is great and so reasonably priced...wait a minute, why don't I find the time to head over more often...?

I'm not massively into the standard "festival look" but their jewellery - especially the massive bracelets and wee nose rings - is the perfect thing for people with more restrained sense of style like myself to get that touch of boho and fantasy without going full Jenner. Their selection of belts, too, is stunning. Very Sea Of Shoes and just a touch of Americana to give an outfit a bit of a rustic vibe.

Dotted around the store were a variety of adorable hats which could also prove a chance to step outside your comfort zone this summer without completely leaping. I always think it's so bizarre that few people wear hats regularly anymore when they were such a staple in everyone's wardrobes in the past. But I have to admit that I do sometimes feel like a bit of a douche when I wear one. You kinda have to push past this weird modern stigma surrounding them. If you are looking to invest in a hat there are a great range of trilby and fedora style hats in muted colours as well as this stack of berets I spotted in the corner in sorbet shades. Maybe this summer will be so lovely that you'll actually need a hat this year - we can dream, can't we?

Good quality leather bags are also all over the shop so if you're in need of a little bag to lug around the essentials, you're in luck!

So, yeah, those are the sorts of things I'll be picking up for my festival jaunts this summer! How about you guys?

Remind anyone else of Renaissance birthing Just me then.

That sporty yellow and black swimsuit is just the thing I've been searching for...too bad I was trying to be good...

I absolutely love creepy, gothy little drawings like these - so cute!

OH MY GOD, I wanted this SO MUCH. The will power it took. If it's still in store on pay day...hrm...

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