Saturday, 24 May 2014

Feeling sweet.

I'm sure my last post with it's depressing as fuck playlist may have made many of you aware of my bad mood recently. A combination of stress, research crazies, natural maudlin tendencies and everyone in my close circle of friends being super-busy at the moment has made for a not-so-happy Colette.

And then Friday happened. My presentation of my dissertation research went pretty well, I went for an awesome lunch in the Silk Road Cafe in the Chester-Beatty Library(which is actually a museum and is also awesome) with my classmates, had a craft beer, wandered 'round the exhibition and had the major chats. Then I went home to my family home for the weekend where new perfume, hugs and craic awaited. I showed my parents the little profile on me that had been published in a national newspaper (the Irish Independent) that day. Then showed many subsequent relatives.

Le article

I had a homemade, Mammy-made dinner. That night we had a long evening of laughter and lols. And then today my Bro, Mam and I cooked, watched Come Dine with Me and I got some makeup bargains.

So, I guess my sweetened mood might explain the much cuter and girlier outfit I wore today. I've gotten quite minimalistic in my old age but today I was drawn to bows, collars and lace. The top was the basis for the outfit, a gift I got from Mammy last time I was home. It's from Primark but the fit and shape are amazing! A crochet faux Peter Pan collar is built into the neckline and the three quarter sleeves are finished in crochet trims. The jeans are my favourite Topshop boyfriends that are waayyy too big but so comfy. They tame the outfit from being too twee, I think, while the cropped length go with the summery theme. The espadrille wedges are from River Island and have bows but while they add to sweet girliness, they too are tamed by restraint in the continuation of the navy tones which are also echoed in the vintage navy leather bag I robbed from Mam ages ago. All the navy adds a nautical twist which again nods to summer. To finish it off I added a Peter Pan collar necklace made from sequins - for that last splash of cute. I think, overall, there's a nice balance of my two modes of dressing here - cutesy and restraint.

OOTD, ahoy. (Geddit?) In order to photograph this look, I went for an adventure in the garden. God, I've missed this green. 

(10 points if you laughed)

(I did)

This photo is by Daddy. You go, Daddy.

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