Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Jessica Phenomen Oil.

I do love a good pun.

When I first read the name of this product, I was immediately biased towards liking it because it made me smile and we can all use more of that in our lives (even though my life is full of plenty of laughter and smiles).

You had me at word-play.

An intensive moisturising oil in a little glass bottle with a dropper, it's made by the nail brand Jessica but, as they state on the bottle, it is multi-purpose. It can be used not only on the hands and around the nails but in any problematically dry areas on the body. I've been using a little on the areas of my face that stubbornly refuse to be as baby-soft as the rest and where my hands are drier. Mammy has one elbow which is particularly in need of hydration so we were both using it while I was home this weekend. I have to say that my hands were noticeably softer the very next day while Mam's skin saw signs of improvement but would really need more prolonged use to benefit from it. I tried to convince her to keep it but she refused to take the oil from me.

She did, however, think it a pity that there wasn't a perfume just like it as she's a big fan of the almondy smell. And the smell really is a lovely added bonus to an already impressive product.

I give the Phenomen Oil 5/5 on the Colette scale as it ticks all my boxes:

Elegant/cute packaging
Catchy name + pun
Immediately effective
Pleasant aroma.

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