Tuesday, 6 May 2014


So, Natalie was kind enough to invite me to pop by. And, of course, I took her up on the offer! It was lovely to finally meet her in person after email and social media interaction. It was also lovely to see the clothes I had coveted through a computer screen in person. It was loveliest to take a piece home with me! (See instagram below of an OOTD featuring said piece - a pair of awesome shorts.)

I rifled through the clothes racks, we chatted and I got a sneak preview of the new line. However, I can't say anything more about that here as it's all strictly hush-hush. But, still, it looks very exciting with cool inspo, great prints and a wonderful colour scheme! I'll be sure to post images as soon as it drops, I promise.

The studio itself was pretty damn cool. South William street is kinda where it's at in Dublin City Centre these days, non? And the space itself was not only stuffed to the gills with wonderful garments, inspiration boards, etc. but cute, tongue-in-cheek touches like these little dudes I found in the window - kind of what you would expect from a designer with such a sense of humour.

Well, enough of my nattering. Let the ooohing and ahhhing begin. Here's the good stuff - the pictures of the clothes.

Remember that whole tongue-in-cheek thing?...how awesome is this?!

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