Friday, 16 May 2014

Favourites du moment.


So, here's some of the stuff I've been majorly feeling lately....all gathered on my vanity table. Now how did that happen? 

There are a couple repeats from my last favourites post. I'm still loving the Surya Brasil Sapien Women Body Moisturiser and accompanying shower gel (not pictured) - they just smell so nice! And the Lush Catastrophe Cosmetic has been a real saviour during hormonal breakouts lately. 

New is the Macadamia Oil Extract Hair Treatment I picked up (in the Euro shop - obvs). My only criticism of an otherwise solid product is that it doesn't have a dropper and trying to get the 4-5 drops only that they recommend for long hair is a pain. I usually end up washing a lot of excess off and wasting product. But I do notice my hair is extra silky when I use it!

For lips I've been switching out my regular Dr Bronner organic balm for one of the many Baby Lips I bought over Christmas. I felt I really should use them...and the Intense Care has been great. Again, it's the scent that's swaying me but I like the colour combo on the packaging a lot too! I'm a terrible sucker for cute packaging. My nails have been getting more attention than normal recently and I'm really liking the colour combo of Jessica's Starfish Glow - a bright pink shade - with Mavala's The Elle Orange - a reddish orange. People keep complimenting it stating they'd never put pink and red together normally but that it looks cool. Silly old fashion and red can totes work when done right!

With jewellery I'm adoring these Cos earrings I got at the new store opening in Dublin a few weeks back. I haven't worn them much as they are kind of a pain to put on but I will crack them out for the next fancy thing  go to! And I've been wearing my Tatty Devine cat ring again lately. So cute.

I've been reading Neil Gaiman's The Ocean at the End of the Lane - not as much as I'd like as I always find it difficult to commit to a book when researching but it's Neil Gaiman! And so far so good!

Lastly, I'm listening to plenty of Girls as I picked up their Broken Dreams Club in a charity shop for €1.50 and Sharon Van Etten's new stuff purely because it's AMAZING. I'll leave you with the new single. Enjoy x

PS. What have you guys been loving? I'd love to know!

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