Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Can I be a grungey Chanel princess too?

Have you seen the Chanel Pre S/S 2015 collection?

Gah, love. Seriously, just love.

There's something about the pre collections, (perhaps, as they are not the main collections and the skeleton of the year, there is less of an urgency to make them more commercial, instantly wantable and sellable) something more exciting and experimental. Something essential. Life-giving. Renewing. I often prefer them to the main collections. They just get me giddier - the references and styling are often more intense and committed.

And I love me commitment. Even if something doesn't quite work, I value someone going for it and giving it a good old fashioned try.

But this wasn't a case of trying and failing somewhat - this was a home run. The mixture of East meets West in the grungey early garments and later heavily patterned, colourful pieces imbues the influences of the Dubai setting without being overly twee while the styling mixed with the elegant clothes speak to a bit of a princess but very much a contemporary one. The collection screams Lagerfeld's vision of a modern Chanel girl but lets the clothes call out to loyal, long-time followers as well. It's clever. At times, the more practical fabrics almost hint at an utilitarian purpose in striding across those sandy dunes - though I doubt they'll ever see this role.

Although I would totes rock a Chanel tiara on the daily.

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