Friday, 21 September 2012

Freshers' Week Day Five - Last Day of Freshers' Ever

Sweet Jesus! I just realised really is my last ever day of Freshers'. Well, that's an upsetting concept...

Anyway. Moving on and ignoring the impending feelings of doom and terror as the end of college looms closer and closer. Today I wore a loosely punk inspired outfit. This should have fit in on day two as grunge was the genre I was exposed to as a baby with cool parents who liked Nirvana and partied in France and punk was the next huge genre in my life which changed it forever. I found the Ramones the summer I was fifteen and they were what I listened to (no joke) exclusively for three months. Listening to them now makes me feel that age again - rollerblading in the sun with not one single worry in the world and feeling like I'd tapped in to some massive secret.

The tee is my first ever Ramones tee which I destroyed with a scissors one day. It's from HMV and for a dude and made of horrible material but it'll probably always be my favourite.

There's a lot of nostalgia and warm memories going on in this outfit. Not really where I'm at aesthetically anymore but so important to who I became in more ways than style-wise. Punk gave me an identity and a bigger force to hide behind when being a teenager was hard and being idealistic, opinionated, female and from a small town in Ireland was even harder.

And it all began with the Ramones. Thanks for that. I love you guys x

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