Sunday, 9 September 2012

Lazy Sunday post...

...not because I'm having a lovely, lazy Sunday but because I'm headed to work in less than an hour and only got in from it at 4 last night.  So here are two fashion related links I found interesting:

Dr. Martens Autumn 2012 campaign shows you how exactly to be a hip young thing. And how you'll never be as hip as these people. Nah, seriously though, it's quite emotionally stirring and captures being young quite well - even if it is a little contrived. It's funny to see the brand with such a high fashion style ad - just goes to show how far it's come.

The second link is to a gallery of images on It shows models in their day-to-day clothes and I LOVE seeing models on their days off.

Enjoy! Hope your Sundays are more restful than mine.

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