Monday, 24 September 2012

Jil Sander S/S 2013




Menswear influence.

Sex Appeal.

All of the above could be used to describe the S/S 2013 Jil Sander collection.

So, it's a little bit exactly what you'd expect from a Jil Sander collection but it's still uber-gorgeous. The palette from A/W is referenced with more splashes of white to make it more summery but the coherence is kind of wonderful and those cherry reds, dusky pinks and burgundy shades are just perfect. I really adore those colours so I'm glad they've been used once more. The navy menswear inspired looks are important highlights in my eyes, as are the coats and suit alternatives/coordinates/suits (as per for Jil Sander) while a couple of the dresses just aren't doing it for me. A little on the sack side of things. In the dresses that get it right there's an accentuating of hips and skimming of the body thing going on that I'm totally feeling.Their models are the best as always, the styling is so on point and the hair and makeup is laid back and refreshing. Overall, a solid, unsurprising but beautiful collection.

The pictures are a selection of backstage shots and my favourite looks and are from You should totally check out their new(ish) layout - it's awesome and especially fantastic for viewing shows.

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