Sunday, 20 May 2012

My best buy EVER.

Thought I'd give a shout-out to the greatest bargain I've ever found. It was a normal day, really, and I was wandering aimlessly through TK Maxx. About to leave, in fact. Suddenly I saw blue (my favourite colour), a bow, tribalesque beading, size 7 and, oh yeah, 10 euro. I picked the shoes up, they were calling out to me, and read their inside: Stella McCartney.

 I looked them up online once, the RRP was over a thousand dollars, you can do the math. Ugh, maths.

They're pretty high and pretty dressy so I wear them rarely but we often stare at each other across my room and we know that our love is true.

Really good promo photos.

Their home among my other shoes...

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