Sunday, 20 May 2012

Natalie B Coleman - My new fashion crush

It's an Irish label and considering how deeply screwed the country is, we could always do with more talent like this. I LOVE these clothes. I happened across one of her dresses a few weeks ago, probably the most iconic piece in the collection, a pleated full-length pink dress. Pink and I are rarely friends but with this dress and I, it was love at first sight. Sadly, it's now sold out but I guess that's good news for the label.

The style is undeniably modern and urban but it's execution and the materials (silks and floaty gauzy fabrics) are wonderfully luxurious; the result are clothes that are both achingly hip and chic. There's a fantastic juxtaposition of feminine and masculine. They also look comfy and uber-easy to wear. In this respect, I'm kinda feeling an Alexander Wang aesthetic. I love me some beautiful schlub-wear and if I had the money I would totally live in these clothes. Hello, my current favourite designer.

S/S 2012:

This is the dress. Ain't she a looker?!

Love me some buttons down the back.

Leather-look + androgyny = best suit ever.
A/W 2011/2:

SO schlubby and PERFECT.

Peplum AND sheer? Yes, please.


  1. Hi Thanks for the write up! I actually have the pink but in the Asymetrical version and on the 29th of July, my wedding day any pieces bought on my online shop get 30% discount off! So dress is normally €495 and will be €346.50 on the day I have 1 size 8 and 1 size 10! Well done on the blog xx Natalie

    1. Hey! I was very excited to get a response from you, I love your work! Congrats on the wedding! Sadly, I only saw this today and also have zero money. Maybe sometime in the future I can buy your wonderful clothes x