Thursday, 31 May 2012

Claire Boucher - No forced play on words with "Grimes" necessary.

Claire Boucher - what can I say? She's been on my radar since "Vanessa". "Visions" is probably, in fact definitely is, my album of the year so far. I've listened to the thing on repeat for about a week now and it's still not old. There are so many layers to it that I only fall more and more deeply in love with the sound. Her accompanying videos are beautiful. So, that's a check for the music. What about the lady herself? The more I read about her, interviews where she has no qualms about telling it like she sees it and stories of how crazy and rather romantic (in the more general sense of the word, as in sensibility) she is, the more I grow to adore her, too. And then there is the style; dramatic hairstyles with severe cuts or wild colours, metallics, baggy shirts, great accessories (including a particularly famous ring), a play between sporty and grungey, tough and "feminine", rock and r'n'b.

Look, listen, adore.

I'm gonna hope and assume that this is faux...

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