Wednesday, 9 May 2012

How to do leather - BtVS.

Okay, last post based on Whedonverse fashion, I swear. (For now, at least.) So, if there's one thing Buffy's taught me (aside from teaching me how to quip, which end to stick monsters with and introducing me to feminism as a kid) it's how to do leather whether it be trousers, jackets, coats or skirts. The key is that everything is fitted (unless it's a biker jacket because that would defeat the purpose) and it's never too much, paired with jumpers or simple tanks. Never overkill. She even pulls off red leather which is so often slutty as hell. Spike's duster is iconic, a similarly hard look to pull off and usually sported by teenage metalheads. The key here is that he isn't swamped. He wears the jacket and not the other way around; Spike's got a crazy-awesome physique, a bad-ass attitude and one hell of a swagger. He's even managed to do leather pants before without coming across all village people. 

Leather pants tamed by luxurious knitwear

Over-size biker jacket, attitude, crucifix = nineties love

Super-cute hat and coat. Yucky Riley.

Posted this before but the flowy white dress and leather jacket combo (and crossbow) is so perfect!

More leather pants being tamed by more casual top

Simple high-necked tank + red leather pants = not the horrible mess these pants could have caused

Another repost out of love

Love a man who can work that much leather. And d'aw! He looks confused.

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