Friday, 11 May 2012

Bethany Cosentino's UO Collection.

Okay, so third post of the day. I'm kind of listless after exams, don't know what to do with myself. I've been in the library everyday (ahem, bar one day of procrastination and clothes, aheh) for four weeks now. It's just so weird to be free... Anyhoo, the collection that Bethany did for UO is finally up (some of it, at least) on their site to perv on. Excitement. It's nineties inspired. There's lace and grungey hair. The pieces are structured and the use of sheers it fantastic. There's even a dungaree-like piece that one of my best friends who loathes dungarees might like. There are crucifixes, striped shirts and itty-bitty skirts with that skimming-with-a-flair-on-the-end thing that was all over the place in the nineties. Oh, Bethany, can you do no wrong?!

And now some pictures of Bethany and her own style...

And finally some shots of Bethany in action that I got at Electric Picnic 2011...


Collection on the UO site:
Stream of the new Best Coast album:

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