Monday, 14 May 2012

Meg Myers - Just plain adorable.

There's a simplicity here, a desire to dress the form and be more than a clothes horse. Meg Myers is not only a talented musician and song-writer but someone who knows how to dress their own body and not the one we might want but the one we actually have. Which, I suppose is easier when you're cute as a button. But still, my point remains. There's nothing overly complicated here, just good, solid choices; luxurious knitwear, cute boots, great jeans, loose tops. She actually kind of dresses like my flat-mate who is also uber-cute and musical. (Guess that proves my point that said flat-mate is well-dressed, despite what a certain rude Texan might have to say about it...) But back to Meg - proof that complicated isn't always better.

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