Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Slayer Style - Fashion with bite (Sorry, couldn't resist...)

Fashion-wise I'm usually inspired by my latest and greatest t.v. or music obsessions. As it's exam season I've resorted to my usual exam obsession, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I first started watching as a child in, and of, the nineties and I didn't notice the fashion much then (which is good because pretty hit and miss much). Then the obsession caught me again in my mid-teens and once again during the ol' L.C. (Joss' genius was great for encouraging my denial of impending exams)

This time around I focused on season seven which was a pretty fashion-solid season for everyone involved; lots of lace, monochrome, cute denim jackets, beanies, long skirts or skinny jeans, everything accentuating and following the physique. And, of course, the "stylish and affordable boots" that Buffy quipped that she was shaking in to many a monster that she was fighting.

My style crushes are definitely Buffy and Dawn with the occasional appearance of Anya or Willow on my radar. Such a good season! Plot-wise and wardrobe-wise. The soundtrack also makes majorly with the inspiration.

Technically not season seven but one of my favourite outfits throughout the show. Who knew crossbows made such good accessories?                                                                                   

Cute top, simple and fresh hair and make-up

Again with the good tops and wow those are perfect-fitting pants and even though I'm not a turtle-neck fan Dawn's is quite cute here

Leather, lace, monochrome = perfection

Cassie was also a highlight of the season, her grunge-girl style was super-cute, pity she died so early on...

Maybe I'm crazy but I liked sluttyDawn's outfit and the hair was great

More expert combining of leather and lace

Anya with an adorable floral dress, kinda vintage, pastel and great fit - Could easily see it in shops right now!

Vintage top and hair love!

The crucifix doesn't feature heavily in later seasons but it's the perfect one; chain not too long, simple, crucifix not too big.

I also love Buffy's piercings. I predict some post-exam piercing in the future - maybe I'm becoming a little bit psychic after all the BtVS...

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