Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Japanese influence continues!

...I now blame it on my friend, Conor, as well as all the manga. He's off to Japan soon (exciting) and I spent the whole day with him and some other college buds today so Japan is doubly on my mind! I'm very tired after our invention of a new sport and lots of climbing and exploring so this isn't going to be an uber-detailed post. I will say that the following outfit was not only quite kawaii but it also was very practical! No problems running or climbing in this bad boy!

Peter Pan collared shirt - Penney's - Playsuit - Penney's - Hi-tops - Converse - Backpack - Royaltex - Cardigan - Marks and Spencer's

Sidenote: I'm super-excited to try out this new skirt that Mammy just gave me! It doesn't photograph all that hot but it's amazing! Yay for having a stylish mom to steal old clothes off of!

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