Friday, 11 May 2012

Jared Leto - Icon in the making.

Singer, musician, actor, enviro-friendly, handsome as heck, nineties teenage hearthrob, fashion icon; all of these words are synonymous with Jared Leto. Plus, having had the pleasure of interviewing the band, I can say pretty cool and grounded considering the world of the beautiful and fabulous that he lives in.

More than all this the dude is a courageous dresser and that is an attribute I adore in men.

Sometimes I wish I were a guy myself...being well-dressed is so much more obvious when you're male.

Enough digressing. His gamut of styles are also admirable as evidenced quite clearly through his constantly changing hairstyles. Said gamut runs from a gentlemanly style, to punk, to white trash and everything in between. Though I despise tracksuit bottoms in any situation, even genuinely sporty ones, Jared's managed to put them together with more formal pieces in the past and to pull them off (heh). Still, a no-no in general in my book.

But, yeah, guys you could learn a lot from the man. He's one to emulate and definitely an icon in the making.

It's a skirt. That's pretty brave for a man who ain't Scottish...Although there may be some roots, I dunno. Also, I suppose you can pull a lot off (heh) if you look like that...

So grungey! Be still, my beating heart!

Rocking scarves.

Sheer and fur? (Faux I hope and assume)

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