Monday, 13 October 2014


...or the closest I'll ever get to that description.

I'm all about the boyfriend jeans for comfort and breathing room and just looking cool. Rips and fraying only improve the look. Yet, however much I love this pair found in a random boutique by a brand I never remember and have never heard of before, they sacrifice the comfort factor for the aesthetic appeal. Layers of stiff treated denim make them look the way they do. Which is cool as they have a more fitted look, more tailored (for lack of a better word). Not cool is trying to cycle in them. Especially cycling twelve and a half kilometres in them.

Still, despite the casual flannel, the tousled hair, the Cons and rips and tears...the jeans pull it all together and dress up casual looks despite their own casual nature. They're just such a talking piece that they elevate an outfit from merely being comfortable to making a statement. And I do love when an outfit will do the talking for me or a single piece will make me look like a together human being with a plan in mind while getting dressed...

Flannel - Urban Renewal, Top - Primark (similar here), Cons, Jeans (similar here)

You guys have any pieces that do the talking/work for you?

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