Sunday, 5 October 2014

Photo post - Birthdays, Endings, Beginnings, Moments.

Adventures are great and I'll never want to stop having them but sometimes you need the quiet in-between moments where life is sweet and kind. The moments filled with family and friends and affection. Those are the things that keep you warm during dark nights, fun as those adventures might have been. Those are the moments that make your heart swell with love for the people around you, with pride for having the parents you were blessed with, with joy that you were lucky enough to stumble across the friends you have.

Last week I handed in my dissertation, marking the end of formal education (at least for now) for me after nearly two decades of it. I also turned twenty-three and had about four different celebrations of those two events with various family members and friends. I'm now able to breathe as I've one less thing on my plate and I've also got the opportunity to chase the life I want being a year older and, most certainly, wiser.

So, you're all up-to-date with my life and have a sense of how I'm feeling; relieved, overwhelmed, excited, anxious, joyous. Now, have the pictures that represent this moment, this beat in my life and the feelings entangled with it.

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