Monday, 27 October 2014

Modern Witch

Last night I went to a ghost tour at Shankill Castle (which was unbelievably good fun) and dressed as a witch. 

You read that right. 

Now, as I wasn't sure if anyone else was feeling the holiday as much as I and dressing up, (in fact, I was kind of certain they weren't) I chose to go as a modern witch. Witchy but not costumey. Passable for my everyday wardrobe but embracing hallowe'en. Think AHS Coven. Witch-glamour (both the spell kind of glamour and the regular sort).

I've always been kind of obsessed with witches. I loved novels about them, shows like Sabrina, The Worst Witch, Charmed, and movies like The Craft, Hallowe'entown, Hocus Pocus etc. etc. I was also known to read history books on witch trials as a little girl and did my Leaving Cert history project on the Pendle Witch Trials. I even briefly considered converting to a branch of Wicca as a teen. And I think I still long to be a witch.

So, obviously if I needed a non-costumey costume, it was the way forward.

And I kinda love how the whole thing turned out below.

Flower crown (because I'm a Supreme and all must bow down) - Primark, Coat - Vintage, Jumper - Primark, Brogues - Primark, Leather leggings - Vintage, Rosary - A gift from Granny/leftover from punk/goth teen years/one of my faves.

Whatcha think? Passable as an AHS Coven-style chic-witch?

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