Monday, 6 October 2014

Little Gem: Blue Boutique

I had a major panic over this post.

I mean, the slapping your laptop, getting red in the face, cursing like a very rude sailor kind of panic and frustration. Basically, I took these images around a month ago and then lost them. Stupid laptop sent them to a random folder and it took weeks to figure out which one.

So, now I'm actually getting around to posting it! Blue Boutique is located on Main Street in Blackrock, Co. Dublin and endeared itself immediately to me as the place that introduced me to      H-I-G-H. The window display is gorgeous and was why I floated in after work despite having dissertation work to get to. Nicola, the owner (who was lovely about entertaining the weird girl coming into her shop to take photos and squee in a corner), explained that a consultant comes in to make her windows so lovely and what a wise decision! The row of H-I-G-H lookbooks perched in the window and the elegantly pulled together mannequin had me curious beyond belief!

The store was founded in 2001 and stocks some amazing brands that are super-innovative and difficult to find elsewhere in Ireland such as H-I-G-H, No 2Moro, Bella Jones and Rundholz among others. The decor is a perfect balance of restraint and rustic warmth to suit the seaside location and the eclectic balance of clothing choices held within. It's a lovely, refreshing shopping experience.

Now, if only I could afford/justify a H-I-G-H stetson...

Check out Blue Boutique's facebook page here and be sure to stop in if you get a chance!

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