Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Little Gem: De La Punc

Situated on the ever achingly-hip South William Street, De La Punc is a wee bit tucked away but an absolute treasure to be discovered. You kind of descend down off the high street into something a little more special, a little more unique.

The influence of co-owner, Gina's, passion for and interest in Japanese streetstyle and trends is visible with a really cool mixture of clothing and accessories available. Several genres of style are catered for with cute vintage-inspired dresses, pop-artesque jewellery and lines such as the wonderfully gothy Eyre.

Plus, it's always great to support both Irish design and independent stores.

If this seems interesting to you, check them out on facebook, their site and pop in if you get a chance - I highly recommend it!


  1. Oh my god the PRINTED DRESSES, the SATCHELS, I am going to go broke if I go there but I sort of have to go there now.

    1. I know, pretty dangerous, right? The amount of money I spend "researching".