Friday, 15 August 2014

Little Gem: Irish Design Shop.

If you hadn't gathered by now, I'm a big fan/supporter of Irish design. So, when I spotted The Irish Design Shop ages ago, I intended to pop in. At the time, I didn't get a chance but when I passed it the other day as I moved from library to library (Noticing a theme here? Ugh. My life.) I decided to make the time.

And, boy, was I glad I did!

Originally established online in 2008 and then seen in various incarnations via pop-ups and a space in the RHA, the current Drury Street location really does the shop justice.  Light falls beautifully and illuminates the products softly. A range of different products are available in store; items of clothing, homeware, jewellery, artwork, books and more. And, as you might imagine, everything is wonderfully designed, down to the information leaflets and shopping bags.

There's a real sense of tradition in the space through tonal properties, materials and motifs but also a sense of how these things can be relevant today. Traditional practices sit alongside contemporary innovation. Some items are practical or elegant, others charming or amusing. Really, it's hard not to find something inside to fall in love with and a quick analysis of the demographics during my visit show interest among both locals and tourists, young and old. It's pretty lovely to see really.

I was familiar with some of the brands stocked but others were lovely new surprises and I was aching to buy some prints from Damn Fine Print Studio. Maybe next time. I said that a lot, actually. So, here's my shots and wishlist!











Irish Design Shop

Intrigued? Check out their blog and facebook page!

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