Saturday, 9 August 2014

Too Dressed Up - The Story of My Life.

Or underdressed. I tend to prioritise my own whims over social niceties unless absolutely necessary. Which is why you can often find me wearing an elaborate dress to mooch around the house or a tee and jeans to a fairly dressy party.

I find it hard to really make myself care, though. This is one thing I'll label personal quirk over serious issue.

But, hey, I'm doing that thing where I digress endlessly. This is all leading into the outfit I wore on Monday. It was a bank holiday and me, the Mammy, Daddy and little bro went for a wander. First to dinner in Kildare, then for a snoop 'round some architecture (YUSSS) and then for a snoop around the Newbridge Museum of Style Icons. This was all ad-libbed and very casual and it was also rather a warm day. So, of course, I was wearing shoes I knew wouldn't welcome overly-long walking (despite not knowing if this would be part of the day or not), a long lined black duster coat, a dressy top (also in black) and skinny combats.

Good plan, Colette, good plan.

Whim over comfort. Obviously. But I'm quite pleased with the results.

Top - Primark, Jeans - Primark, Boots - Deena and Ozzy, Coat - Lennon Courtney

So, what do you guys think? Better to be appropriately dressed or to do your own thang?

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