Monday, 11 August 2014

In for the long haul...

...or a small one, actually.

A home haul, to be exact.

Now, I've never really posted a haul before because something about them squicks me out a little. I love watching and reading about what other people are buying because (a) I'm nosy and (b) it informs me as a consumer. And being a smart, informed consumer is important. Why, then, do I feel differently about posting one myself?

I guess it's because looking at other hauls is entertainment, I'm just a passive observer. But displaying my own purchases feels too much like I'm a cog in the machine...if that makes sense? Yet, I also think this is somewhat silly because (a) we have to consume things sometimes (b) I try to inform others about bargains, sales etc and help people out and (c) I rarely spend more than ten euro on any one item and rarely more than fifteen euro in one outing.

And then there's the fact that I'm a grown woman spending money I earned and shouldn't feel the need to apologise for that!

Speaking of which (sorry for that digression), this is a "home" themed haul because of the earning and now being an adult and stuff. I felt I should mark the occasion of growing up a little more by buying some adult-like things. Almost everything was bought in Dunnes because I love their homeware stuff (sorry readers outside Ireland!) and everything was on sale so bargains ahoy!

I also never intended this to be a themed selection of things I'd write about, I just happened to pick up things here and there over the last few weeks that happened to be the same sorts of things.

From Carolyn Donnelly Eclectic for Dunnes I bought the Rose String Lights. It was my first purchase on a day that needed brightening weeks ago. They were €12 and actually the one thing not on sale - soz! Also from her I've picked up three more of these wee handleless cups for just €1 to go with a couple I already had and two glasses for €2 down from five. The notecard set is also from Dunnes from their Leigh Tucker Willow line (which is technically for kids - meh) and was also only a euro. I just thought they were sweet and great for jotting down a thank you, a get well soon or a "I love you, man" note. The rad robot strainer was actually a gift and the bunny is another light from Urban Outfitters and was just five quid.

The last thing was this creepy Pride and Prejudice-style print from Mayfly which is in Temple Bar above Lucy's Lounge. I did not recognise the place, it's been revamped so well and has such cool stuff! I fell in love with the print right away and justified its purchase with the fact that it's art. It was also only six euro though it was labelled at eight.

Anyway, that's all for now! What do you guys think of my purchases? Of me doing hauls?

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