Sunday, 9 March 2014

What Crazy Crap is in Colette's Bag? - The experimental one.

A lot of the stuff you've probably all become accustomed to plus some Fruit-tella I've never tried before (truly juicier than the original!) as well as an eyelash curler, "Eyebrow Shapers", a hairband from Topshop, my trusty Topman beanie and a plastic bracelet from a Christmas cracker.

Beanies are standard attire for me but the hairband is part of why this collection of objects is labelled "experimental". I've a weird-shaped head so hairbands tend to slip off when I wear them. Sigh. Life is so friggin' difficult. Also, this is a somewhat striking piece - a little anime-esque. For both reasons I've worn it very little but I want to figure out how to style it right so I can wear it more. I really do like it.

The Fruit-tella were a new (and great) tastebud adventure.

And another adventure in the two euro shop saw me purchase the eyebrow shapers and eyelash curlers. The former wasn't very effective but the latter is quite good. I've heard spending more on eyelash curlers actually pays off but they were an experiment after all! So, a euro was quite enough to spend. I'm eventually gonna post a video of my first use of them - rather hilarious - but I'd been wanting to try some out for a while as I was irrationally terrified of them. Not actually so scary after all!

Yes, what an exciting group of adventures. *hangs head in shame* I'm so terribly uncool.

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