Monday, 24 March 2014

TanOrganic Love and Use.

I'm not a fake tan kind of girl, I have to say. However, I do approve of the people who might be willing to burn, using it instead. I also approve of using an Irish product which is the only organic fake tan in the world.

At the launch of their new bronzer, I got a few products which have become major faves. The tan went directly to my little sister who has received many a compliment since using it. And I've been using the bronzer, Argan oil and exfoliating mitt religiously.

The Argan Oil, or Oil Arganic (€24.99), - so witty - has quite a dent in it already! I use it in my hair on almost a daily basis, just pouring a little into my palms and running it through. It's also useful as a natural way to tame fly-aways. And I have to say, after using it for a while now, my hair is a lot better behaved and healthier looking. And less with the knots too! Though it can be used on your hair, it was primarily intended for the body and I also use it as a moisturiser after showering.  It smells lightly of lemons and oranges which is a major plus as well.

The Tan-Erase exfoliating mitt (€14.99) is cracked out a few times a week and my skin is always noticably softer afterwards with the combination of mitt and Argan oil. It's also not too rough. It removes the dead skin without agitating my skin.

I was going to say that the serious coup is the Bronzing Powder (€29.90) but that would be unfair to how much I love the Oil Arganic. However, the bronzer is gorgeous. First of all, the wooden packaging (reminiscent of Tarte products) is majorly cute and a lovely touch. The shades are so beautiful - a matte cocoa brown and a shimmer sandy colour. This product is a great multi-use - something I always approve of. I use it for bronzer, contouring and eyebrows. 

Here's a quick outline of what I do.

1. Start with unadorned face as I did today.

2. Load a blusher brush with the matte shade.

And contour! I do a '3' shape on my face, starting at the temple, tracing down under the cheekbones and then around the jawline.

PS Sucking in my cheeks helps me find those wily cheekbones!

3. Using the same brush (I don't bother switching), I dust the shimmer shade over my cheeks, forehead, nose, chin, neck and chest.

Again, the silly face to make sure I'm on track.

Notice a difference yet?

4. Using an eyeshadow brush loaded with the matte shade, I fill in my brows.

5. I may also use this brush and shade to shape and contour my nose. I apply to the sides of the nose, up towards the inner edge of the brow and blend the crap out of it!

How about the difference now?

6. I then use a different eyeshadow brush with the shimmer shade to highlight the centre of the nose, under and above the eyes and the philtrum. If I'm not wearing full-on makeup, I'll use the same shade for a splash of colour on my eyelid.

All that put together looks like this.

If I am wearing BB cream it goes on before any of this. However, if it's a light, s/s look I just add concealer to relevant areas and powder over the entirety. I'll also probably add a lip balm and some mascara. Which then looks like this:

So, there you have it - products I've been loving and how I use them. Sorry this post was so full of pictures of my face! 

Have you tried any of the above? What did you think? 

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