Saturday, 15 March 2014

Longchamp Fun - Le Pliage Personalised.

(I refuse to spell "Personalised" with a 'z')

Longchamp are doing that thing we all like - making something ours, unique. Letting us feel special in a very controlled way. It's fun to personalise things and the customised bag they're offering us is much more affordable than the St Ives from Burberry Prorsum - similar feel, very different pricetag.

Whatevs, I'm a sucker for it.

My Le Pliage is the bag I use most. It's timeless, durable and great for throwing stuff into casually. It goes with almost everything and dresses both up and down. I'm really not in the market for another bag (trying to be good) but if I were, it'd be the style I'd shoot for. And I really like the idea of having one no one else will have. If you're in the market for something similar go here.

Here are two I made earlier - one in canvas and one in leather.

Elegant colours but embossed with "NSFW"
Again, restrained overall but with a tongue-in-cheek phrase on it. This time "swag".

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