Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Well, now you've gone and Dunnes it.

I was wandering home one day, taking a scenic route as per, when I popped into the Dunnes on South Great George's Street - just by the HQ. Surprisingly, I'd never been inside before.

A look at Google Streetview shows that the shop looks very different now to five years ago. Whereas before it was rather run of the mill, now it's all glass, tasteful colour palettes and spaciousness. It has such an amazing high-end, boutique feel for a highstreet store. I was super-impressed by both the shop itself and the products inside.

This branch doesn't stock the main Dunnes clothing line but rather the higher end Savida, Gallery, Paul Costelloe and Carolyn Donnelly lines as well as homeware from Costelloe and Donnelly.

Donnelly's "The Edit" is amazing. It's really hard to believe it's from a high street brand, the appearance and quality are unbelievably close to true designer pieces. Looking for amazing basics? Look no more. Looking for cool work attire? Ditto.

And it's no secret that I love her "Eclectic" homeware line.

Plus, looking for super-kawaii S/S pieces in lovely pastels? Hello, Savida.

Statement necklace anyone?

Abso bargain of a bag?

Plus, though the Gallery collection is intended for a mature audience, there are some awesome accessories that'd suit for all ages.

Dang, girl

Dunnes, when did you get so cool? I'm liking it!

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