Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Skincare Spree Super Fun Day.

Okay, not with the "super fun" but it can be rather relaxing to take a day and pamper your skin. My day to day routine is fairly minimal but every now and then I have a proper go at it. Here's a run down of how I do a pamper day.

I use nose strips from time to time and have done so since I was a teen. Generally, I notice a rather minimal difference afterwards. However, this Greentea Nose Pack from Etude House (one of my recent KollectionK purchases) actually offers real results. No, there aren't any miracles happening here but (and excuse the grossness of this next bit) but blackheads were visible on the strip afterwards and the skin was soft to the touch. As results go for this kind of product, it wasn't a bad one.

At this point I use a Lush Tea Tree Toner Tab. The tab is placed in a bowl of hot water and then you lean over the steam for 15-20 minutes with a towel over the head. I then pat my face dry gently with a towel.

Next I do a general cleanse with my VOYA Cleanse and Mend cleanser. I use about two pumps, put on the back of my hand and then massaged into the face with my fingertips. Then I rinse off the cleanser with some water and pat my face dry with a towel.

Now, I use the water from the Toner Tab earlier as a more conventional toner. This is applied over the face with a cotton pad.

Once the toner has dried I use my VOYA Softly Does It body moisturiser. Again, about two pumps on the back of my hand is enough and then massaged into the face - especially the driest areas such as my nose and jawline. Though this is a body mousturiser, it is organic and gentle and most VOYA products are multi-use, so I double it up on body AND face. 

Then I go in with the VOYA My Little Hero serum on top of this. One pump is enough!

Lastly, as I put on some Buffy in the background and settle on my bed with the lights off, I use Tony Moly's Panda Dream Eye Patch - again from KollectionK.

I also throw on a coat of Dr Bronner's Organic Lip Balm in Peppermint.

So, there you go. That's how my skincare regime looks if I'm being a real girl for once. Day-to-day, it's pretty minimal but with a lot of the same products. I usually just cleanse and moisturise but I use sun cream pretty much every day (need to get stricter on that one) and lip balm. I'm currently in the market for an organic toner, any suggestions? Let me know!

I'll probably cover my shower routine as that includes haircare at some stage but that's all for now folks. xxx

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