Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Boohoo SS15

The drizzle is persisting, disappearing for moments, hours at a time before determinedly returning once more. But there's a spot of sunshine present, hope that warmer weather isn't too far away. That sunshine comes in the form of the Boohoo SS15 preview. With prints and colour all over the place, metallic tattoos being administered by the lovely Jenny, an ice cream cart upon entry, fruity cocktails at the mood is instantly transformed. And, in spite of my layers, and regret at having forgotten my scarf, I'm suddenly very enthusiastic about shorts and crop tops and beach attire.

For women, Boohoo is offering some seriously cool workout clothing. So stylish, in fact, that is treads the line between sports luxe and actually functional clothes. For the stuff that might actually make it to the gym, there are some great printed leggings, shorts, tees and sports bras not unlike the type of pieces that sports brands are charging insane amounts for. Hit them up if you're looking to up your style stakes while exercising but don't want to spend every penny you have.

I also spotted a lot of amazing boho/seventies style items perfect for getting on that trend that's going to be so big for the up-coming season. Basically, it's festival basics sorted with fringing, crochet and light knitted pieces all over the places. And for the more serious seventies vibe, all the florals, peasant blouses, wide-legged pants and paisley that you could possibly ask for!

Another corner was occupied by tropical colours and floral printed swimsuits, cover-ups and breezy pieces just made for luxurious getaways and swanning around with giant sunglasses and a cocktail in hand. I was particularly enamoured with a flowy off-white and black two-piece suit that screamed luxury and ease. 

One rack was dedicated entirely to Nadia Aboulhosn's line for Boohoo which offers an almost entirely monochrome range of some rad pieces for women sizes 16-24. Think lots of very contemporary, sleek pieces that very much celebrate the bodies they adorn. 

And what about the boys? Well, expect some awesome accessories (I want all of the backpacks), muted tones such as rich maroons, navy and white, a sporty nineties vibe, seriously retro denim, playful details and the odd appearance of a pop of pastel shades. 

Bring on the summer!























Thanks to Boohoo for having me again, despite the fact that I always stand around eating EVERYTHING.

Keep an eye out for a Boohoo look here sooon...


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