Thursday, 30 April 2015

LloydsPharmacy’s Beauty Breakfast

Two words I love, right next to each other: beauty and breakfast. Two things I love, all around me: food and skincare.

LloydsPharmacy sure do know how I like to be woken up!

Yesterday morning at the Gallery of Photography in Temple Bar, LloydsPharmacy hosted a Beauty Breakfast for press and bloggers in order to launch their inaugural own brand of skincare, SKINeffect, alongside their Get Summer Healthy campaign which they say "aims to promote healthy skin and bodies in Ireland over the summer months covering both the cosmetic and nutritional elements that comes with good healthcare practice".

In order to help you do this, you can avail of their Skin Analysis Service in selected stores or fill out a skincare questionnaire and have a custom-built regimen put together just for you. I actually tried this out on the morning with the lovely girls from Dermalogica and learned lots of interesting stuff about my skin. Much I knew but they offered me names for things and solutions. And let me know that the lines on my forehead that have been stressing me out are expression lines and nothing to be overly worried about - thank Christ.

As well as the SKINeffect range, LloydsPharmacy also stock a wide range of other brands across their 87 stores nationwide, including Avene, Caudalie, Clarins, Dermalogica, Eucerin, Trilogy, Neostrata, Nuxe, Revive Active and Udo’s. Their SKINeffect range covers all areas of skincare and is available now. This weekend LloydsPharmacy will be offering special skin checks so, pop into your local store to find out more.

I'm pretty excited to try some of their brands that I've been creeping on from afar but had never had any products from before now. Especially Caudalie (Shout out to how awesome they were on the day! Hi!) and Nuxe.

Right, well I'll just go back to smearing creams on my face. Give your skin love, people, it's your biggest organ!










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