Friday, 10 April 2015


On Wednesday evening, Inglot hosted an event for bloggers in their South Anne Street store. They were not only giving us a lesson on contouring with their products but also tempting us with discounts and new launches and showcasing their new make-up cases - three lines that offers sturdy, beautiful cases for both the professional and the make-up enthusiast who would like to store and transport their make-up more securely.

The leather pieces from the Safari collection are particularly gorgeous and remind me of vintage suitcases though the Diamond range with it's hard, metallic plastic exteriors are probably better suited to being dragged around our rainy little island. While the Classic range is probably the sleekest and most professional-looking.

I had been in the shop a few times before but having it to ourselves gave me the time to peruse at my leisure. And, boy, was I impressed! Talk about colour selection! The girls in the shop are super-lovely and helpful and knowledgeable about the products. And, best of all, they're cruelty free and their polishes are four-free.

The price-range is fairly reasonable too, considering the quality of the product. A quality which I found to be particularly evidenced in their blushes. They remind me a little of Nars blushes but with a wider range of shades and I couldn't help myself but grab a gorgeous neon peach (shade 125) that blends into the most natural, prettiest hue on the skin.

I actually managed to find a few things that had been on my wishlist on the night, including a grey nail polish (shade 364) - which I've been after for a while. That it was just the right shade (not too dark, not too light) and four-free made it seem like kismet - so, of course, I couldn't leave it behind! I was also gifted a gorgeous iridescent shade (319) which reminds me of Chanel's Peridot from a few seasons back.

And I got a shadow (26) in the subtle gold shade I was looking for after spying a similar colour on Lily James in the new Cinderella movie. Other gifts included a blue mascara and shimmery face powder that I never would have chosen for myself but am actually rather enamoured with.

You could really wile away hours in the store - or have a browse online. Currently, there's ten percent off all online purchases so get on over there if you're interested.

I'm probably going to do a full brand overview as I have for Isadora and Lush so keep an eye out for that. Or, at least a review of some of the items. But, so far, colour me (lots and lots of shades of) impressed.












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  1. Wow all that make up! It's beauty blogger heaven! :)
    Alex //

  2. Great share! Even I have some awesome collection of Branded Lipstick online at #Majorbrands.