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Initially, this blog was born as a space to talk about clothing in shows and movies I loved. To talk inspiration from a myriad of varied sources. I had just gotten into blogs but could find no one squeeing about the clothes in Buffy or Heathers. Sure, there were articles floating around here and there but rarely were they in-depth or thematic. Just the odd, unsatisfying, pieces on "outfits inspired by x" which, admittedly, is what I'm about to do. But, not to toot my own horn, I feel I'm doing it better and less half-arsed than a lot of those existing pieces.

Point is, as much as I'm inspired by the catwalk and seasons and street style, so, too, am I inspired by lots of other elements of culture and pop culture. Especially the shows and manga and books and movies I love.

I began reading comic books when I was around ten. Marvel was my entry-point to this world, something I shared with a particularly close cousin and a few friends in primary school. I loved Spiderman (such a sarcastic bastard, I love it), the X-Men (esp Gambit and Rogue) and Daredevil (I'm a sucker for an underdog) most of all but dabbled in others. As I got older, I maintained my soft spot for superheroes and, in recent years, my inner child has been running around in dizzy joy. Marvel is producing content like no ones's business and, best of all, Joss Whedon and others behind my beloved Buffy amongst other favourite shows and movies, are at the helm.

Which finally brings me to the point of this post, in honour of the soon-to-be-released Avengers: Age of Ultron, I've decided to style three outfits inspired by three of the characters from the movie and talk a bit about the basics of their aesthetics.

Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch is one of the coolest characters in the entire Marvel Universe. Not only does she have mutant abilities, but actual supernatural powers as well. 

Like, she's legit a witch. 

It remains to be seen how her character will be interpreted in the film and which of her mythologies and versions will be used or if she will be entirely reinvented but images from the movie show us how she'll dress. 


They're clearly playing up the troubled young woman thing rather than going for her traditional costumes which would be a bit....cough....risqué for the movies. Red hasn't been overly implemented and she's got a punky grungey thing going on. My styling is more dramatic than that of the film, I've gone for lots of her signature red but in a few tones to stop it from becoming flat. The sharp lines and sexy cut-out detail of the crop top give a nod to her costume but the leather pants and boots make it tougher and more believable. I mean, could you really fight in what amounts to a swimsuit? 

I couldn't resist the cape, though highly dramatic. It could be easily swapped out for a long, flowy trench but I wanted to have some length and movement to her outfit to emphasise her witchiness.


Though for a woman, this look is inspired by Captain America. 

Ah, sweet, good, virtuous Cap. I'm very fond of him. 

And, when not in his uniform, he sports a very distinct look. Very classic, timeless, all-American. He's a man out of time, cast from the middle of the twentieth into the twenty-first century, but a lot of his wardrobe basics remain the same. As I say, classic. Think white tees, Converse, a good pair of jeans - not too dark, not too light, no rips, not too tight, not too baggy. To finish the look, I've thrown in an aviator jacket - once again, timeless but also referencing his military background. And, as a final detail, this little heart-shaped bag with the American flag on it from Moschino, for a great patriot. 


The final look is, again, inspired by a male character - Thor, God of Thunder, himself. This look is more like the first - very dramatic and not for the wallflower. Not nearly so wearable as Captain America's aesthetic. But until Captain America, Thor doesn't really have street clothes. He is always a prince of Asgard, a warrior. Which is what this look reflects. 

I've ditched his signature red cape for this one (sadly capes are less of a thing in daily life) but kept the red tone in the burgundy tunic. Everything is leather, from the tunic to the leggings, to the boots, to the cuffs. But this look needed to be tough, warrior-like and emulate armour. The flowy silhouette of the top half of the outfit soften it a little but the rest of the elements remain true to Thor. The mixture of tones and silhouettes keep this from going down a dominatrix road but it's still a somewhat costumey outfit, not for the faint of heart. 


So, what do you guys think? 

Did I get it right? Excited for the movie? And do you like posts like this?


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