Friday, 20 March 2015

SS15 - The Looks I'll be rocking.

Working in the industry, I do keep an eye on trends - you kind of have to stay informed. But I don't take them as gospel. I like to put my own spin on things, to dress for my lifestyle, to accentuate the things I like and minimise the things about myself I'm less fond of, to avoid trends I just really don't like. This is something everyone should try and do, in my opinion. Because there is nothing worse than someone who tries to shoehorn themselves into clothes that really don't work or that make them uncomfortable.

So, once again, I'm talking the trends or interpretations of trends that will be inspiring how I'll be dressing this season.


Fresh Flares:

I didn't think I liked flares. And then I reconsidered. Mad patterns and colour are never going to be my thing but a contemporary re-imagining is just the thing. They're super-flattering and balance out curvier figures. With a cute turtle neck knit, you get a seventies vibe with a much more sophisticated finish. Same applies for crop tops and little band tees for warmer weather.

Classic Rock:

Hedi's sexy vision of a hyper rock and roll seventies, is another variation of this trend that I can get behind. Gimme my moto, black skinnies and a massive hat any day. It's easy, endlessly cool and timeless. These pieces are investments and go with everything so you don't need to feel guilty spending a little bit more.


This isn't real a particular trend for the SS15 season but rather a current through fashion in the past few years - a move towards simplicity, minimalism. A little normcore. But seriously easy to wear, requiring little to be done in the way of hair and make-up and very pretty. 

New Denim:

Denim is a staple, a classic. There isn't really a season that goes by where it's not on trend. However, there's a particular emphasis on it at the moment. I'm loving the slightly kookier and newer interpretations. Think smock dresses, shirtdresses, tees etc. Denim everything, please.

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