Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Armani Launches for SS15 with Thoa Tran - II - Tips and Tricks

When you're watching a make-up artist at work who expresses personal knowledge about the things that "Mr Armani" likes and dislikes, you pay attention not only to the products that she is showcasing, but the gems of wisdom she casually drops into conversation. When you see her transform an, admittedly very pretty, girl into someone who could easily blend into the Giorgio Armani SS15 runway line-up in less than half an hour, you realise just how good she is. So, here are some tips, tricks, trends and titbits that Thoa Tran let us in on at the new launches event a few weeks back.


1. Want to look like an Armani girl? Ditch the winged liner. I know, I know. A difficult thing to process. Seemingly impossible to let go of. But Mr Armani prefers a straight line. So, now you know.

2. Speaking of straight lines, that's the brow shape that's going to be all over the place. Apparently Victoria Beckham has been in the process of growing hers like that for years. And they're Armani-approved.

3. Now that we're on the topic of brows...want to enhance yours? When using powders or gels to fill in your brows, first apply the product against the growth. This way the hairs will pick up the product better and look fuller.

4. The further boost the look, apply concealer all around the edges of the brows, defining them clearly.

5. P.S. Thick brows are back and bigger than before.

6. Armani is all about the glowing look. To look sun-kissed, glamorous and like you fit right in with the old Italian stalwart of style, ditch the blush and put the emphasis on good contouring instead.

7. The new launch, the Eye Tint, is multi-use and gorgeous. It is primarily a shadow but can be used as eyeliner in an awesome range of shades if applied with an angled eyeliner brush. And, number 12, also makes a mighty fine highlighter.


Well, just wanted to share these little gems instead of leaving them hanging out and useless in my notebook! Any you'd try yourself?

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