Friday, 27 March 2015

ID15: Resonate at the Gallery of Photography, Dublin

For just two more days the Resonate exhibition will be at the Gallery of Photography in Temple Bar, Dublin - so little time left, in fact, that staff were already talking about the hang of the next exhibition while I was there yesterday! The exhibition, organised in conjunction with Irish Design 2015 and co-curated by the very gifted Daragh Shanahan (of the gallery) and Aisling Farinella (the ID2015 Fashion and Textiles advisor), showcases the work of 23 Irish fashion photographers young and less young, emerging and established.

The first space of the exhibition presents the images with the author's name alongside them. Upstairs is a reading room to ponder them further.

Which you should.

Fashion photography is often flipped past in magazines or merely seen as a commercial means to an end. But its photographers are some of the most gifted in the world, working in conjunction with many other creatives to produce the end product. It is a highly collaborative art-form. Editorials may be freer of commercial bonds but even advertisements fail to belie the amount of artistry, imagination and creativity involved.

This exhibitions presents the images for individual analysis and consideration - giving us pause to look at them for longer and more closely than we might normally.

It's one of those exhibitions that's a breath of fresh air and had me all chipper for the evening afterwards.

Pop in for a wander, then go for a tea or coffee. Or, better yet, a movie in the IFI...Would there be a more ideal way to pass an afternoon over the course of the weekend?









Resonate is in the Gallery of Photography and closes on the 29th of March 2015.

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