Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Review: Blink & Wink Salon

Blink & Wink are a new Eyelash and Eyebrow business based on 21 Dawson Street. And while they've not been open that long, they're building a great reputation - probably because everyone on board is very kind and professional. The salon offers eyebrow threading and tinting, eyelash tinting and extensions, waxing, facials, nails and make-up application but they pride themselves especially on their expertise when it comes to brows and lashes (hence the name). 

They invited me to come in and try their signature treatment of an eyebrow shape and brow and lash tint and, as I'm all about brows, I gladly accepted. 

First of all, I don't just trust just anyone with my brows, so abandoning my usual haunt put me well outside my comfort zone. I was expertly assured that everything would be perfect and, y'know what? It was. I love the results.

On the first day, my brows were threaded and we did a patch test with the dye. Certain that nothing was going to react, especially so close to my eyes, I was asked to come in on a second day where my lashes and brows were tinted and the shape of the brows was neatened up a little.



As the residual blondeness from my childhood exists only in my lashes and my brows are naturally sparse, this treatment means that I really have to do very little with them now. They're much more defined. And being able to use less make-up is always a good thing.

I will say that getting your lashes tinted is not the most fun thing in the world but that's because of the nature of the process and because I'm very precious when it comes to my eyes. Just listen to everything you're told during and, for the love of God, keep your eyes closed. At Blink & Wink, you'll be guided through it expertly.

The whole procedure will set you back €35 but it's well worth it for everything you get done and the care, time and attention that you get. 









With cute decor, quality services and great staff, I really can't recommend them more highly. Pop in store, call (01) 254 9012 or go to their facebook page to book an appointment today!

P.S. Thanks for everything, guys! x

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