Sunday, 1 March 2015

Fyodor Golan AW15 - Brony style.

Lots and lots of colour, sheers with light streaming though them and images of My Little Pony - this is what had me wandering towards Fyodor Golan's AW15 collection in Somerset House.

Entitled Rainbow Wheel and marking an actual collaboration with My Little Pony, it's fun and beautiful and quite unlike the collections that surrounded it in the room. I'm still uncertain as to how exactly I feel about it. It's definitely not something I would wear personally but, then, there is much that I like but would never wear. It's a little bit eighties, a touch sixties, a wee bit futuristic and a lot like Miu Miu on acid - but in the best possible way, I think. For all the craziness, there are some damn wearable pieces and silhouettes that are feats of engineering and would look good on almost all body types. In fact, there's some very cute Debs or prom dresses in the mix.

After literal hours of staring, I think it's the exuberance. It's something that draws you in. It's why I keep staring. And will all creative ventures, I read being drawn back for further analysis despite uncertainty about your feelings on said venture as a very good sign. Good art provokes discussion and debate - especially within yourself. Perhaps it's all too gimmicky but, for now, I'm intrigued.







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