Thursday, 26 March 2015

10 Amazing Independent Stores in Dublin

As today is #FIday, or Fashion Independents' Day, and I'm a big supporter/fan of Irish design and businesses, I thought I pull together a list of just ten of my favourite independent stores in Dublin. I have a semi-regular series on here called Little Gems and most of these places have popped up here on the blog in that capacity already but now they'll be in one handy place for y'all! Aren't I just a doll?

But, seriously though, support your independents today. Pop in, say hello and maybe stay a while.

In no particular order...

Bow & Pearl.


Located in Ranelagh, Bow & Pearl is an absolutely adorable little boutique that is carefully and artfully curated to make for the most dreamy Zooey Deschanel vibes. The clothes and the decor will charm the pants right off you - and into a new pair, I used to live pretty much across the road which meant almost daily perving in the windows or browses. And it never failed to impress.

The 3rd Policeman.


Another store located in a Dublin suburb, this vintage shop is right on Rathmines Road. It's one of those places you may have gone past on the bus a million times before and maybe have always intended to visit. Well, do, it's very much worth it. There's a great range of vintage clothing, homewares, accessories and jewellery. And always some amazing music playing in the background.



The most achingly hip of the stores thus far discussed, NINE CROWS (formerly 9 Crow Street) is another primarily vintage store located on Ormond Quay and selling much of their stock online as well. They also sell reworked items and pieces from young Irish brands. Plus they produce some seriously cool lookbooks. If you're looking for help on how to shake up your image, these are your guys.

Om Diva and Atelier 27.


Downstairs and in the basement is Om Diva, a mixture of new and vintage and upstairs is Atelier 27, the place to find a whole range of Irish labels. It's kind of a magical place. And a serious stalwart of Dublin style. It's one of the places I always used to visit on trips to Dublin as a teen.

Castle & Drury.


Only recently was this a Little Gem. The first on this list that's exclusively for the mens, this store, located a stone's throw from Om Diva at No. 6 Castle Market, is a purveyor of cool labels found nowhere else in the land. But seriously though, here's where men can finally up the style stakes in Dublin. Surely that's sold it to you?

The Cat's Meow.


This is another Dublin vintage store that's all tucked away (74 Francis Street) but still an amazing find. I mean, look at that image, getting the Aladdin vibes? A mixture of vintage, Irish brands, home decor and clothing a accessories, there's lots to see. And another place where the music is seriously swinging. It's legit the cat's meow. 

Blue Boutique.


Blue Boutique on Main Street in Blackrock warrants placement on this list merely for stocking High, one of my favourite labels. But a visit will tell you that they're so much more. The clothes are carefully curated and the space is elegantly and thoughtfully appointed. 

De La Punc.


Dublin really is full of great stores you'd miss if you weren't paying attention. De La Punc on South William Street is full of cool accessories and garments that give of serious street style vibes with particular nods to trends going on in Asia. If you're interested in upping your streetstyle cred, this is where to head (oh, accidental rhyme). 



Cleo, on Kildare Street, has a long and fascinating history. Perhaps considered a shop for tourists by locals, it has drawn international attention for decades from magazine editors to artists to film stars. Stocking handmade Irish knits and weaves and much more, it's a particularly unique addition to this list. Plus, the pieces bought here will literally last lifetimes - major investments. 

The Central Dairy.


Lennon Courtney are an Irish label I've gushed over many a time here. They stock their own clothes and sometimes pieces from other designers in their gorgeous historic shop located on Stephen Street. Well worth a visit and sometimes you'll even get to chat to the lovely designers themselves!


So, those are some of my favourite independent fashion stores in Dublin, do pop in and help celebrate #FIday, if any have caught your eye. It's good, in an increasingly generalised world controlled by giant companies, to celebrate the things that make our beautiful city unique.

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