Monday, 23 March 2015

Non-make-up handbag make-up essentials

The make-up bag that I carry on the daily has no real make-up in it. But I still consider the items my essentials for seeming put-together. They're basically the things for being caught out - having to go to an event without advance notice, appearance disasters, hygiene, weather. 

My Tatcha rice paper sheets are probably the closest thing to make-up. The idea is to have something that would serve to "powder my nose" if I'm wearing a full face and don't want to have to add layer upon layer of powder over the course of a long day. Or to merely blot out oiliness or shininess if I'm going without make-up but my skin's misbehaving. I've bought cheaper blotting paper in the past but never really saw any results - there's a reason these are considered the best.


Winter was not kind to my hands this year and I'm still recovering so I pop my travel size Laura Mercier Hand Créme in Ambre Vanillé in my bag for moments of quiet. Commutes are a great time to moisturise your hands as you can sit there and let it soak in. This also smells amazing and perks me up after a long day.


Also for hands is my Hand Maid Cleansing Gel from Soap and Glory. I don't really believe in hand sanitiser as I try to keep my immune system strong but there's nothing worse than being in a situation where you can't wash your hands and feel the need to. I try to use it sparingly. Especially as I find the scent a wee bit over-powering.


I wear SPF on a daily basis and this little moisturiser from Sanctuary Spa is cheap, handy to pop in a bag as it's travel size and is super-lightweight - so while the SPF is low, you can top it up and add lots of layers without feeling sticky and gross.


I like to keep my travel size Avéne in my bag to set make-up and also to refresh myself over the course of longer days. It's seriously good stuff.


My trusty Eve Lom Kiss Mix always comes along. It is, without a doubt, my favourite lip balm. I swear by it and now realise it's well worth the extra spend.


Additionally, I keep some chewing gum and a sample of whatever perfume I'm currently wearing to ensure I never get stinky - something I worry about a lot. You can never be too careful.


So, what are your non-make-up essentials?

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