Friday, 6 February 2015


A while back Modani, a furniture brand, contacted me and asked if I might show how I'd "style" a room, using decor as I would accessories for an outfit. I agreed right away because it seemed like a fun challenge and I've been decorating myself lately, so it's been on my mind.

I love Interior Design. If I had ten million lives to live, it would have been one of the career paths I'd liked to have pursued. Alas, it was not to be. But putting a room together made me re-examine my taste and style from a different perspective.


The centre of the room is this sofa, the Oslo Sectional Couch. And, really, it speaks a lot to my style that I chose it. As in my clothes, comfort is key. There's room to lounge and browse the net or read, to fit lots of friends and family when I host something. It's not leather so it wouldn't be cold in winter or hot in summer. But it's still sleek, restrained and stylish. Comfort and style are always key to me.

Colours, overall, are muted with natural wood alongside lots of greys. Pops of colour show my playful side and, with the variety of textures, prevent monotony or flatness to the look. And the overall aesthetic is minimal, with touches of Scandinavian and Irish design influences alongside a wee bit of a retro undercurrent. It blends styles and eras together but never throws too much at you.

A home really does reflect an owner! If only my real place looked like this and had those views!

Sadly, the company is US based but, as many readers are in that neck of the woods (or Canada, where they also ship) check them out!

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  1. I love Modani's pieces! That sofa is great and makes the space functional, yet inviting. It pairs nicely with the wooden elements and I love that you incorporated pops of color to brighten the room.